Steven Johnson rape details: Man who dismembered wife lured 1996 victim with pot

From S.A.B.'s statement (emphasis mine):
And I could recite every word he said to me that night to you. And I could tell you every little detail about the entire night, because it was so intense... He mentioned that night that I was the first woman he had ever been with... And one day you [i.e., Johnson] will meet somebody, and I know you will. And I hope to God she thinks twice, because I -- I was a stranger to you.
Prior to his sentencing, Johnson wrote to a judge that he had "turned [his] life over to the Lord Jesus Christ... since that day its been wonderful, there's a feeling inside of me that is just indescribable. God is forgiving." Regarding the night of the rape, Johnson wrote that he "made a lot of bad choices. That night I chose to drink, I chose to use drugs, and I chose to do what I did. It's nobodys [sic] fault but mine."

Meanwhile, Johnson's aunt and uncle who he lived with during the summer of 1996 traced his downfall to a "beer party" he attended in May 1996. From a letter they sent to the judge:

johnson letter.jpg

Twelve years later, Johnson was released from prison, and soon thereafter, he met the woman S.A.B. predicted -- Manya Johnson. And on Sunday, Johnson -- again under the influence of alcohol according to the account of events he gave police -- decided to shoot her in the head, dismember her, put her remains in plastic bins, and then transport them to a friend's garage in White Bear Lake without telling him until the next day. He's been charged with second-degree murder.

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