Suicide connected to Cold Spring cop killing suggests police arrested the wrong man

officer decker rect.jpeg
Officer Tom Decker
On Wednesday night, a man connected with Officer Decker's death killed himself.
:::: UPDATE :::: Eric Thomes killed himself in connection with Officer Decker slaying; murder weapon found

One month ago today, authorities surprisingly released Ryan Larson, the man initially arrested in connection with the murder of Cold Spring Officer Tom Decker, without charging him.

There's been little news about the case since then -- until today, when WCCO published a report about a suicide connected with Officer Decker's November 29 murder.

From WCCO:
[O]n Wednesday night investigators with the Stearns County Sheriff's Office and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension went to a home to interview a man in connection to the unsolved murder...

When investigators got to the home they found the man dead inside. WCCO has learned that this man was a regular at Winners Bar, which is where Decker was outside when he was shot and killed on Nov. 29.

WCCO has also learned that the man police wanted to interview has been arrested for DWIs four times in the past year. Three of those arrests were by Cold Spring Police Officers. The fourth arrest was by Stearns County Deputies.
A tweet from Fox 9's Tom Lyden states the man found dead Wednesday night killed himself. Lyden also says the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Stears County Sheriff's Office will have something to say about the mysterious black van seen leaving the seen of Officer Decker's murder during a 2 p.m. press conference today:For our report about this afternoon's press conference, click here.

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The guy must be guilty, right? We now know this man was a regular at Winner's Bar and just look at his driving record... Great reporting, always helps to smear the accused person's name with whatever dirt you can dig up. I'm curious, how long was the investigation that concluded this man's death was a suicide? Just my take on it, but this sad case has been an abomination since day one. I think I'll reserve judgment until I see some hard evidence.  


Surprise why were we thinking that after hearing the officer drove off after Officer Decker was shot.  Now you have fucked up the suspects life. MAKE IT RIGHT!

Leticia Moreno
Leticia Moreno

Well, I guess he figured he'd rather live in Hell than live in hell (jail)

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