Three jerks robbed Hiawatha Line rider as she had a seizure

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If you'll rob a woman while she has a seizure on a train, what won't you do?
Law enforcement officials are trying to track down three young men they believe are responsible for robbing a 25-year-old woman who had a seizure on a Hiawatha Line train the day after Christmas.

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The seizing woman ended up on the floor of the train as it pulled into the Lake Street station. In the confusion, the suspects made off with her cell phone and bag.

In an interview with KSTP, Metro Transit Police Chief John Harrington characterized the incident as "one of the more ruthless acts of unkindness."

Harrington said surveillance video captured the theft, but the footage won't be publicly released because doing so could cause the suspects to go into hiding. (And publicly announcing the investigation "is going to probably give us some results in the near future" won't?)

The whole thing raises a question: Where's Shawn Daivari when you need him?

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