Todd Gavin, ophthalmologist, accused of having women get naked during eye exams

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Gavin's accusers came for an eye exam, but say they got way more than they bargained for.
:::: UPDATE :::: Gavin found not guilty

Todd Gavin, an ophthalmologist who used to practice at the Mankato Clinic but now works in Madelia, allegedly gave at least two women the most thorough eye exams ever in the summer of 2010.

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As a result, he's now on trial for two counts of felony fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of gross misdemeanor fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

An October 2011 report from the Mankato Free Press' Dan Nienaber details the allegations that culminated in the criminal charges:
Two women contacted Mankato police in 2010 to report they had been sexually assaulted by Gavin during eye exams that May...

One woman reported she was asked to remove her clothing during an exam to see if a shingles outbreak had harmed her eyes. The second woman reported Gavin had her bare her breasts and touched them after asking if she had received annual breast exams. That woman also said Gavin touched her lower abdomen and inner thigh after asking her to remove her pants.
Why stop at breast exams? Maybe Gavin's two patients were due for a trip to an OB/GYN as well.

A Free Press report from yesterday, the first day of Gavin' trial, makes clear that the alleged love doctor plans to fight the charges:
Assistant Blue Earth County Attorney Mike Hanson told jurors the issue is very simple.

"What the defendant did," he said, referring the alleged victims, "was have them remove their clothing and examined their breasts for an eye exam."

He said both victims, when they left Gavin's exam room, felt violated.

"He sexually assaulted two women in the span of an hour," Hanson told the jury.

Gavin's attorney, Richard Ohlenberg of Minneapolis, said that what Hanson describes as predatory behavior was just Gavin being a good doctor.

He said one of the victims brought her mother along during exams, and the mother urged Gavin, Ohlenberg said, to be extra thorough.

Ohlenberg said Gavin asked one of the patients to take one of her three layers off, then turned back to a computer to enter some findings. When he turned back around, the woman had removed all layers except her bra.

"He was a little bit flabbergasted and discombobulated," Ohlenberg said.
So, the mom told Gavin she wanted an "extra thorough" examination of her daughter? Sounds like the first scene of a Ron Jeremy film.

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merl.allen topcommenter

Where can I find stupid bimbos like those two?


these two Einsteins never heard of the word No? Police should arrest them for felony fourth-degree criminal stupidity.

Annissa Johnson
Annissa Johnson

He wrong but I agree they are idiots!!! Don't you know you don't have to take your clothes of for an eye exam...... Come on they are adults and they are this damn dumb?!?!??

Matthias Weigel
Matthias Weigel

Well said Shannon...while the doctor should certainly pay for his horrible behavior, what woman is stupid enough to fall for this crap? Does no one question anything doctors say anymore?!?

John Jansen
John Jansen

Which is better? This way? Or this way?

Maggie FitzGibbon
Maggie FitzGibbon

So....a doctor is accused of sexual assault and the City Pages runs an article that includes a poster of a woman taking her clothes off as a joke. Nice, guys. Really nice.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

these have got to be the dumbest women around. this guy is no sex offender- he is a HERO


@kskellysmith8 They aren't shaming these victims - they are helping all of the women who are reading this by letting us know that our ophthalmologist appointments should not include breast or vaginal exams......these women aren't being "shamed" anymore than a drunk college girl who blacked out and got raped.  People do stupid things, but the one who takes advantage is the one in the wrong.  But at least I know this now, thanks to City Pages, next time I go in for an eye appointment.......I'll make sure they are checking out my EYES.


@Maggie FitzGibbon A doctor is accused of sexual assault because he was able to convince two (not very smart) women to the picture is in the form of an "eye chart."  I find this to be incredibly fitting to the story - I give the City Pages props for their awesome ability to be clever.


@p.lindberg @kskellysmith8 The point is that a respectable publication put an article out about sexual assault that paints the situation as funny and opens up a dialogue for others to joke about the sexual assault as well. This is never, ever okay. 


@fitz0024 When an ophthalmologist is able to get two women naked on the same day.......there is always something to joke about.  People who are saying this article is wrong are being ridiculous.  This dialogue is quite appropriate for the situation at hand.....apparently - a jury of 12 people


@kskellysmith8 - sorry - I thought I made it clear.  It's not the woman's fault for being an idiot.  It is all the fault of the man who takes advantage.  But that doesn't mean that we can't laugh over how dumb some people are.

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