Wisconsin strippers, one of them pregnant, brawl over dollar bill

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Tips are apparently very hard to come by at the Silk.
We know the economy is tough, but really? Two Wisconsin strippers were cited for disorderly conduct last week after they brawled over a $1 bill.

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And in the perfect Weird Wisconsin twist, it turns out one of them is pregnant.

The Appleton Post-Crescent provides more information about the stripper fight, which occurred around 9:30 last Thursday at the Silk Exotic in Juneau, Wisconsin:
A customer was trying to give a dollar to one of the dancers, but the other took it, according to the [police] report.

Both women fell to the floor, pulled each other's hair and punched and slapped each other. Other dancers and customers separated the women.

One of the dancers involved in the fight is pregnant. Both women were cited for disorderly conduct.
The Silk Exotic: Come for the pregnant strippers, hang around for the dancer-on-dancer catfights.

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Benjamin Rodriguez
Benjamin Rodriguez

Lucky, Juneau WI is a county seat so the court and jail are right across the street from the club! Convenience at its best.

Marcos Maiero
Marcos Maiero

This is what happens when you're underpaid and overtwerked.

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