A draft Tom Emmer for Governor in 2014 movement exists

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As things stand right now, we don't think Dayton is too worried about a rematch.
Local conservative blogger John Gilmore was feeling pretty crummy as he left the MNGOP's "Where Do We Go From Here?" event on Wednesday night. Then things went from bad to worse.

-- Tom Emmer can't get a job at Hamline
-- Tom Emmer: If I were guv, Minnesota would "make Wisconsin look like [an] ugly step-child"
-- "Draft David Hann for Governor" movement marred by conflict-of-interest controversy

On his car was a flyer proving the existence of something almost as unbelievable as bigfoot -- a draft Tom Emmer for Governor in 2014 movement.

Here's what Gilmore tweeted, along with the attached photo:
draft emmer flyer.jpg

And here's a screengrab from the Draft Emmer webpage:

draft emmer page.jpg

In fairness, Emmer only came about 9,000 votes short of becoming beating Dayton last time around. But "failed ballot challenges and dead-end legal maneuvers" prior to Emmer's December 2010 concession racked up about $700,000 in debt his party struggled to pay down, leaving the MNGOP in arguably the worst financial shape of any state-level Republican party by spring 2012. And last November, the Republican majorities in the House and Senate elected in 2010 were soundly rejected by the voters, leaving Democrats with total control of the legislative process this session.

So yeah -- we can understand Gilmore wanting someone to put him out of his misery as he left a meeting where Andy Parrish said "The Republican Party is an absolute disaster" only to be confronted by a flyer placed on his windshield by a fellow Republican who wants more of the same during the next election cycle.

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