Allen Quist's latest campaign literature claims unlikely endorsement [PHOTO]

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Ken Avidor
Is Quist's dinosaur taking him into the sunset or on an unlikely trip back to St. Paul? We find out tonight.
Today is the day you've all been waiting for -- the special election deciding whether Republican Allen Quist, Democrat Clark Johnson, or Independence candidate Tim Gieseke gets to replace retired DFLer Terry Morrow in the legislature.

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One of the largest population centers in House District 19A is Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter. And in an effort to win votes on campus, the latest Quist campaign literature makes a very dubious claim.

Here's a photo of the lit piece, followed by some commentary from Bluestem Prairie:

quist lit.jpeg
Bluestem Prairie
[A]s sure as Bluestem is that Adolphus isn't eligible to vote in Minnesota, even if he holds a valid GAC student ID (he's been dead since 1632 and there's that citizenship thingie), we're sure Thirty Years War is about as long as Mr. Quist has been campaigning, though without the original Gustie's success.

Right century though for Quist's beliefs, even though the stead might better be a dinosaur.
Quist may be no stranger to campaigning in and around St. Peter, but during the campaign leading up to today's special election, he's curiously steered clear of campus. From the New Ulm Journal's Josh Moniz: According to the Mankato Free Press, Democrats have controlled the House 19A seat for nearly a decade. So if Quist manages to wrest it away from DFL control without making an appearance in the district's biggest voting precinct... well then, maybe dinosaurs really did live side-by-side with humans.

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