Angry Farmington goalie intentionally scores own goal, flips off own team as he skates away [VIDEO]

Image by Tatiana Craine
Wouldn't it be awesome if Krause's one-finger salute (left) was immortalized as a statue outside Farmington's ice arena?
:::: UPDATE :::: Austin Krause, angry Farmington goalie, explains why he screwed his own team

Talk about going out with a bang!

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Last night, during a Senior Night game, a senior goalie for Farmington High School expressed unhappiness over his playing time by scoring the game-tying goal in his own net with just over three minutes left in the game. He then flipped off his team (presumably, the coaches in particular) while skating off the ice.

Here's the can't-make-it-up footage:

Deadspin provides some context:
[Senior Austin Krause] has spent this season being demoted to backup, losing playing time to a sophomore. This was just Krause's ninth start in 23 games. According to a team manager... Krause had been planning to quit. He finally did so, spectacularly...

Minnesota high school hockey blog Follow The Puck has been filling in some of the details, and it sounds like this goaltender controversy has really been tearing Farmington apart. Follow The Puck calls it "a season-long feud" involving the goalies and their families. I guess it had to boil over eventually--just not necessarily on the ice in a one-goal game. This is surely Krause's last high school game, and most likely the last non-beer-league start of his career. What a special Senior Night.
Chaska, the team Farmington was playing, went on to score the go-ahead goal in the closing minutes and held on for a 3-2 victory.

Even in Krause's wildest dreams, do you think his apparently premeditated F-U moment played out that perfectly?

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I remember when the seniors that played football at Mayo High School in the 2004 season were unhappy that the head coaches' son started instead of the senior quarterback. The coaches' son was a junior at the time. Since the seniors were unhappy, they took the stop sign from the Mayo High School parking lot and put it on the front yard of the head coaches house. It read "Stop...Playing Jordan"


Furthermore...what message does playing the sophomore send to sophs and juniors.  It tells them that as seniors they'll be sc.rewed.


This is classic.  So they're nearly even.  Actually the Sr. has a slightly better w/l record.  So you play the senior probably 80% of the time, the soph has 2 years to go.  I LOVE that this kid did this.  I see h.s. coaches regularly sc.rew seniors in this way, and worse.  Bring an 8th grader up onto the girls BB team who will play maybe 4 minutes a game....and cut a senior who's toiled away for the program all 4 years.  This is not a made up story.  It happens all the time and it is complete b.s.  High School is NOT the pros, and it's not college.  These coaches and administrators need to get a clue.  You stay loyal to seniors.  End of story.   Also...given that his teammates encouraged him to do it, clearly the coaches have lost-the-team.

Todd Stevens
Todd Stevens

the coaches should be re-examining their coaching style - this is not very indicative of how a team should work together (and parents need to butt the heck out)

Juniper Lee
Juniper Lee

Oh My Goodness! I feel for these young athletes. Under intense pressure from a very young age. I think Goalies especially have a tendency to break. I hope this video doesn't become a pivotal part of his career. He's probably worked so hard thus far. On the other hand... I bet a lot of athletes are loving him fro doing and saying what they didn't. Peggy Grabau- take a look at this.

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