Bradlee Dean booted from school grounds, so he gives planned speech at the nearest ditch [VIDEO]

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bradlee dean ditch rect.jpg
Dean delivers his ditch-side speech in Florida on Wednesday.
We've been intentionally ignoring Bradlee Dean for months -- after all, America's foremost tracksuit-wearing homophobe just doesn't have the juice he did during the MNGOP's most recent heyday -- but this video is just too good to pass over.

WHAT DEAN TALKS ABOUT DURING HIS SCHOOL SPEECHES: Bradlee Dean's troupe to Iowa public school: Homosexual lifestyle 'literally kills' gays [VIDEO]

Dean is in the southeast for a tour of some sort, and his agenda included a Wednesday stop to spread his version of conspiracy-mongering intolerance at Spanish River High in Boca Raton, Florida. But when Dean showed up, the principal booted him off school grounds, so Bradlee opted for a symbolically-powerful plan B -- giving his prepared talk on the edge of the nearest ditch he could find.

Here's the video:

Dean isn't taking getting kicked off campus lying down, though. According to the World Nut Net Daily, a federal lawsuit could be forthcoming:
School district spokesman Mat Harrington said the principal and department head claimed not to know about the event, so it was not approved. He told WND the school absolutely would censor speech based on its content [the principal cited Dean's well-documented "anti-homosexuality" as one reason he decided to pull the plug on his speech]...

According to a letter from Horatia G. Mihet of Liberty Counsel, the school must reverse its ban on Dean...

[From the letter, which is addressed to Spanish River High administrators] "If we do not hear from you ... or if your decision is to uphold the principal's actions in this case, we will proceed with filing a federal court action next week. At that time, we will seek a temporary restraining order against the school district to allow the American Club to host Bradlee Dean and other speakers without unconstitutional censorship by school officials ... and will seek damages."...

"We see serious constitutional problems with the principal censoring religious and political expression simply because they are deemed 'offensive,' especially when there are no specific, articulable facts to support such an assertion," [the Liberty Counsel] wrote.

"Federal law, including the Constitution, protects the right of student clubs to present their ideas without fear of censorship because of disagreement with the content of the message."
Given that the defamation lawsuit Dean filed against Rachel Maddow was so ridiculous it culminated in a judge ordering Bradlee to pay Rachel's legal fees, it's pretty impossible to take this latest threat seriously. Then again, it's hard to take anything Dean does seriously, which is why we've been ignoring him in the first place.

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green23 topcommenter

I don't really understand Dean's obsession with giving his 'presentations' on school grounds, other than it giving him the power to force the unwilling to be exposed to his "free speech". Free speech is limited on school grounds by Supreme Court decisions. 

That 'crowd' in the picture represents everyone in the school interested in Dean's "free speech" message, so he achieved his objective. Unless, of course, his objective was to compel those students that *don't* want to hear his message to do so. That is a weird interpretation of "free speech". It really doesn't matter if a group of students the size of the pictured 'crowd' invited Dean, because the principal has veto power. Do we really want our schools to drop everything whenever some crank has a message that they want to deliver to a captive audience of young people?  I'm certain that every community has someone's grandpa eager to weigh in on the topics of "today's music", body piercing, tattoos, inter-racial dating, or the importance of acting lady-like.

Dean's reliance on the courts is also odd, considering his refusal to obey the court's decision in the Maddow lawsuit. Now he's going to waste scarce education dollars in a doomed attempt to force his speech on the unwilling. If Dean thinks that this strategy is going to make school districts more open to his presentations, he's seriously deluded. Being labelled as litigious will keep him out of more schools, because of the fear that he will sue over frivolous grounds once he is allowed inside.


If you got kicked off school grounds I feel bad for you, son.

I got 99 problems and a ditch ain't one.

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