Bradlee Dean sends letter to Wonkette threatening another laughable defamation suit

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Dean's latest ridiculous media beef is with Wonkette.
As we've chronicled in painstaking detail, the defamation lawsuit Bradlee Dean filed against Rachel Maddow was so preposterous, a judge ended up ordering Dean to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to cover her legal fees.

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You'd think Dean might learn from his mistakes, right? Wrong. Because as Wonkette reveals today, Dean recently sent them a letter threatening another defamation lawsuit, this one against them. And suffice it to say the good folks at Wonkette aren't exactly shaking in their left-leaning shoes.

Here's the letter Dean's sidekick, Jake "the homosexual lifestyle literally kills gays" MacAulay, sent to Wonkette:
Re: Bradlee Dean and YouCanRunInternational

Dear [Publishers/Editor]:

Patrick T. Tierney Attorney At Law has been retained by Bradlee Dean and You Can Run International concerning the false and defamatory statements published in "Bradlee Dean Would Like Us to Beat the Murder out of the Children," on January 19th, 2013. This article is legally actionable as it falsely accuses Bradlee Dean of child abuse.

"Is Bradlee Dean a parent? We really, really hope Bradlee Dean is not a parent. No joke. We just hope that Bradlee Dean does not and will never have children, because we hate it when little children have to be put in foster care to save them from being beaten to death by insane people."

Neither Bradlee Dean nor You Can Run International have ever advocated the beating of children. Nor does the quote that you use from Bradlee Dean's article, support this false and defamatory claim.

If you contend that you have facts and evidence to support your false and defamatory claim, please produce those facts. If you have no facts supporting your false statement, then promptly remove the statement from your article.

Any further publication will be with full knowledge that the statement was false and with a reckless disregard of the truth and will result in further legal action.

Please note, that you have 7 business days to respond to this letter or legal action will be taken.

Very truly yours,
Jake MacAulay
Chief Operations Manager
And here's an excerpt from a blog post Wonkette's Rebecca Schoenkopf wrote in response to MacAulay's threat:
Our first question is, can we sue Jake MacAulay for fraud when he lies that he is "very truly [ours]"? Because we are pretty sure he does not mean it!

Our second question is: how can they possibly contend that Bradlee Dean has never advocated beating children? Did they miss the part of our blog post (right before the part they quoted!) where we quoted him? Let's see!
"In past generations, parents would train their children in the way they should go, using the rod of correction (Proverbs 22) to drive foolishness from the hearts of their children, while the pharmaceutical companies compete for the position contrary to that which God commanded."
Yes, that was it! He says "the rod of correction" is that which God Himself commands, in the context of getting people who are on psychotropic meds to stop mass-murdering! He may have issue with us characterizing this as "beating" your children, but we stand by it. After all, what else do you with a rod of correction? Do you stroke children with it? Do you caress children with it? No. You beat children with it, because the Bibble tells you so!

Interestingly, they do not seem to have a problem with us calling Bradlee Dean "insane" -- perhaps because truth is an absolute defense to the charge of libel! (Hey lawyers, don't get your law panties in a law wad; we are being funny. It is a joke. OR IS IT??? Yes it is. OR NOT???)
Ah, Bradlee... no matter how hard we try, when you give us material like this to work with, we just can't ignore you.

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CinBlueland topcommenter

Again, only place this doink gets press.. 

Thank you CP for introducing me to a racist homophobe. 

He's not running for office, he's not in the metro

Hey did you know DFL Demorcat Liberal Jessie Jackson Jr just plead guilty to stealing almost a billion dollars ?

Or wait.. umm we spent more tax dollars on an Illegal ??

green23 topcommenter

This is the same Bradlee Dean suing for violation of his "free speech", only this time it's to shut someone up.

Being considered litigious does not make someone seem credible, honest, righteous, or respectable.

CinBlueland topcommenter

@green23 G no issue, but to who and where is this guy broadcasting?

I'm conservative.. until CP never heard of him.

green23 topcommenter

@CinBlueland @green23 Bachmann and Dean are allies; both have defended each other for years. Remember, Dean was once so beloved by MN conservatives that he was asked to give a public "prayer" to open the Legislature. Actually, it was more of a rant in which he said that Obama was not a Christian. He makes over $1M/yr from begging using false pretenses (e.g. suicide prevention, anti-drug) when his real message is simply "hate gay people". His 'presentations' cost nearly nothing, so the money is really just going into his own pocket. He's a right-wing con man peddling persecution, with his own persecution complex.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@CinBluelandYou've only not heard of him because you are a fucking idiot.  He became famous because he is a bigot who was conning his way into public schools and saying hateful things.  He was doing this while doing fundraisers with Michele Bachmann   He was also invited by the Republicans to give a prayer before a legislative session where he said bigoted and offensive things.  Once again thanks for proving your stupidity about current events.  Go complain about Jessie Jackson on a blog about Illinois politics stupid, he has nothing to do with Minnesota.  

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