Brawl at Mpls South High School reportedly involves hundreds, lands students in hospital [UPDATE]

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WCCO is quoting MPD spokesman Sgt. William Palmer as saying no weapons were involved in the fight, and all injuries were minor.

From KARE:
A student witness told a KARE 11 photojournalist that the fight started in the school's lunch room and spilled into the commons area. That student said the fight escalated and involved as many as 300 students.

Witnesses also say that dozens of police officers responded to the scene with guns drawn, and used mace on students to break up the melee.

HCMC spokesperson Robert Ball says emergency crews responded to the scene and at least four people were taken away on stretchers. There is also a report that staff members were injured in the melee but that is not confirmed at this point.
From the Star Tribune's Kelly Smith: Here are some tweets from South High students: From Fridley Patch's Chris Steller: From KARE's Jay Olstad and Becky Rohde-Eckblad: Newly published footage from the South brawl shows an out-of-control scene in the school cafeteria as students run and shriek while gathering round to watch the melee. At the end of the seven-minute clip, an alarm bell begins to ring continuously. Shortly thereafter, for a reason that isn't quite discernible in the video, students begin running away from the cafeteria in the hurry. Here's the footage:

Finally, the Star Tribune, citing "some pupils," now reports that the brawl "is connected to long-running racial tension in the school among Somalis and others."

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