Cheryel Mack faces felony for allegedly throwing used tampon at jail guard

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If Mack (pictured) would've just thrown an unused tamp, she could've avoided the assault with bodily fluids charge.
A drunk and belligerent young woman named Cheryel Mack was ordered to subject herself to a strip search at Blue Earth County Jail. In protest, she allegedly took out her tampon and threw it at a jail guard.

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Mack, 21, now faces a felony fourth-degree assault with bodily fluids charge.

Mack's Saturday night began at the Oleander Saloon in Mankato's Old Town area, where she allegedly assaulted another woman, then kicked the security guard trying to boot her from the joint in the shin. The guard then called the cops.

The Mankato Free Press tells the story from there:
Mack was described by officers as being intoxicated and out of control. She was taken to the Blue Earth County Jail, where she was strip searched. That's when the incident that led to felony charges allegedly happened.

Jail staff reported that Mack was told to remove her clothing. As she did, she also removed a [used] tampon, according to a criminal complaint filed in Blue Earth County District Court.

The complaint said Mack threw the tampon at one guard and missed. She then allegedly kicked the tampon in another guard's direction.
In addition to the assault with bodily fluids charge, Mack also faces a fifth-degree assault charge for kicking the security guard.

Before you feel too bad for her -- after all, a strip search seems pretty questionable under the circumstances -- know that Mack was charged with assaulting a Mankato police officer back in October 2010. She later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of obstructing the legal process .

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