DFL thanks Keith Ellison for melting down on Sean Hannity's show

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Ken Martin (at right) characterized Ellison's performance as "fight[ing] passionately for Minnesota families."
:::: UPDATE :::: Sean Hannity: Keith Ellison is akin to anti-white, anti-semitic KKK member [VIDEO]

Some thought it was a cringe-worthy example of all that's wrong with political discourse in modern America, but DFL Chair Ken Martin wants you to know he's proud of Keith Ellison's performance on Sean Hannity's Fox News show Tuesday night.

THE BACKSTORY: Keith Ellison has full-blown meltdown on Sean Hannity's show [VIDEO]

In a press release distributed today, Martin thanks Ellison "for standing up for working families and defending the President's record" during the segment. We suppose that's one highly implausible way of looking at it.

Here's Martin's statement, in its entirety:
We thank Congressman Ellison for standing up for working families and defending the President's record.

The Republicans are choosing to protect giveaways for oil companies and hedge fund managers and give pink slips to teachers and cops. They are playing politics with our economy, which stands to lose 750,000 jobs if these devastating cuts in the sequester go into effect. In Minnesota alone, more than 23,000 individuals will not get the training they need to find a job. Nearly 1,000 women in Minnesota will not receive breast and cervical cancer screenings.

Washington needs more leaders like Representative Ellison who are willing to fight passionately for Minnesota families.
You know, this would make sense had Ellison actually attempted to make any of those points during his appearance on Hannity's show. But instead, he opted for ad hominen attacks and "I know you are but what am I?"-style comebacks.

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