Fire spews smoke from sewers in the North Loop [VIDEO]

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Liz Gardner
:::: UPDATE :::: North Loop electrical fire: Beginning of blaze sounded like a missile strike [VIDEO]

Early Tuesday afternoon one of the sewers in the North Loop started spewing smoke into the neighborhood.

Massive Uptown Fire engulfs building near Lake Street and Irving Avenue

::Updates at bottom of post::

News began floating around Twitter about the fire, along with disturbing images of the smoke-filled area of Minneapolis.

Early reports say that the cause of the subterranean blaze is an electrical fire in the sewer.

Kevin Hoffman

City Pages editor Kevin Hoffman caught action near the fire on camera:

Below is another video of smoke pouring out from the sewer:

We will post updates on the fire as they become available.


According to KSTP's Maricella Miranda, an Xcel Energy spokesperson said the fire started in an electrical vault on 210 Second Street North in Minneapolis.

Kevin Hoffman

Several buildings in the North Loop have been evacuated, but there have not been any reports of injuries associated with the fire, reports the Star Tribune.

Despite the serious nature of the sewer fire, the employees at space150 were able to find some humor in the situation and made a video:

"It smells awful and my stuff is OK but they say the power is going to be out for 'a while,'" says former City Pages web editor Jen Boyles, who lives in the area.

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