Former San Diego mayor blames Obama for Mpls South High School melee [AUDIO]

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Obama's powers include ordering indefinite detention, killing American citizens with drone strikes, and instigating brawls at Minneapolis South High School, apparently.
Last week's scary food fight-turned-brawl at Minneapolis South High School reportedly stemmed from racial tensions between the school's Somali and and African-American students.

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And who's to blame for those racial tensions? Well, if former San Diego mayor turned conservative radio shock jock Roger Hedgecock is to be believed, it's all President Obama's fault.

As reported by the Daily Kos, "Two weeks after gaining national notoriety for charging that 'hatred of white people has now become an epidemic' and 'racial tensions...are at an all-time high in my lifetime' because of President Obama, Hedgecock returned to the theme on his Feb. 15 talk show on station KFMB in San Diego."

Here's some of what Hedgecock, who was forced out as San Diego mayor in 1985 amid a campaign finance-related perjury scandal, said about the South melee, followed by the raw audio:
Race relations have gone way downhill, way downhill, since Barack Obama became president...

Turns out this just wasn't any food fight. What it really was about was a riot between Muslim students and the black students. About 8 percent of the students are Somalis, about 20 percent are Africans, African Americans... Whites weren't even involved. They weren't even invited to this riot...

You can't go through a day of news without seeing something, that again, 15 or 20 years ago, you would not have seen...

With his background with the [Bill] Ayers people, with the Rules for Radicals...It's been drilled into him that dividing people is a source of power...

Well, we don't know about you guys, but we're convinced. Clearly, South students would've been sitting around singing Kumbaya or something if Mitt Romney were president.

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