Gay marriage bills reportedly to be introduced this week

dibble clark.jpeg
Dibble (left) and Clark plan to introduce companion bills this week.
A big step in Minnesota's remarkably quick march toward marriage equality will reportedly happen this week. During a conversation with WCCO's Esme Murphy yesterday morning, Sen. Scott Dibble, D-Minneapolis, said he plans to introduce a gay marriage bill this week.

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WCCO reports that Rep. Karen Clark, D-Minneapolis, will introduce a companion bill in the House.

"It's just simply an amendment that removes the restriction that disallows some couples from getting married," Dibble told Murphy, adding that he doesn't expect a vote on his bill to occur until after the legislature passes a budget.

"My strong sense, even from folks in greater Minnesota, is that they're comfortable with this, they know that Minnesota has changed a lot and is continuing to change at a very rapid pace," he continued.

As we reported last month, Dibble thinks a gay marriage bill can get through the DFL-controlled legislature without Republican votes. Gov. Dayton has said he'll sign the legislation.

From rancorous debate about whether a gay marriage ban should be enshrined in the state constitution to being two votes and a signature away from marriage equality -- what a difference a year makes!

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green23 topcommenter

I've said before on this forum that I think it's a bad idea to push this issue this session. SSM should be taken up *after* the midterm elections. The MNGOP will get beaten up in the midterms, and it will be crystal-clear that the evangelical agenda is an electoral non-starter. 

If this fails, it could very well be 2020 until legislators have the courage to pick this issue up again. 

The smarter move would be to pass a civil unions bill and explicitly recognise same-sex marriages in *other* States as valid in MN. Couples could get married in Iowa in the interim, which is less than two years' time. 

This effort will have a difficult route through the Senate. There is little pressure that metro-area voters can apply to rural Senators.

CinBlueland topcommenter

Well at the urging of a friend.. spent 6 hours watching Newsroom and Bill Maher. If this is where you're getting your mindset.. sigh.. Bill M. is a parody of liberal group think, it's almost comical. Newsroom. slightly better writing same bias in the end.. Pissed away the talents given to them to give a Sorkin word view. 

No, please take all my money and lets balance things out. Can I stop working so I dont have to be a slave to your system?

Vince Froehlich
Vince Froehlich

See what happens now cuz we didn't get the amendment passes to stop this. Now we are being forced to get it voted down over nd over again


If it's going to wait until the budget is done, then we know Republicans will try to stall until the session's mandated end time.

Over The Rainbow for Marriage Equality
Over The Rainbow for Marriage Equality

Whoot--Whoot...everyone needs to get to the phone banks with It is crucial that you do this and make it a priority if marriage equality matters enough to you. That's how the hurtful anti-marriage amendment was defeated last yr, with 27,000 committed volunteers. Now we have to strike while the iron is hot. I'll be at the phone banks dontcha know!

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