Hector Estrada allegedly booted his brother in the head after he farted

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We know it's illegal, but if Estrada is found guilty, the most appropriate punishment would clearly be the gas chamber.
We've all been there before: Somebody farts, you smell it, and you want to hit them.

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But only a select few end up facing felony assault charges for acting on that understandable inclination. Among that elite set is Hector Estrada, a 33-year-old Austin resident who allegedly delivered a Hulk Hogan-style big boot to his brother after he gassed.

Earlier this month, Estrada's brother called police to report he'd been kicked in the head by his bro after he let one slip. Officers arrested Estrada -- who has a long criminal rap sheet, including a 2012 assault conviction -- at a nearby McDonald's, where one can only assume he was feeding himself fuel for future jailhouse farts.

This week, Estrada entered a not guilty plea. He argues his brother simply fell and hit his head without the aid of his foot, which could be a plausible defense if we could somehow know just how awful his brother's gas was at the time.

A better strategy for Estrada's lawyer might be to argue that his client was rendered temporarily insane by the smell, don't you think?

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swmnguy topcommenter

I note the Mr. Estrada, in response to the charges, has denied it.  Would it not follow, then, that he himself indeed supplied it?


In fact, if it was Mr. Estrada who was the first to have "smelt it," then he would assume responsibility for having "dealt it," in which case the prosecuting attorney could claim that the attack was unprovoked and possibly even tack on conspiracy.


It will also be interesting to see whether or not they allow into evidence who was the last person to produce a one-handed forehead antler, thereby signifying the slowest as the individual who "ate the fart."


I think the important question is, did his brother proclaim "safety?"  If so, did Mr Estrada violate the sanctity of "safety?"  Unless, of course, Mr Estrada actually called "doorknob" before his brother claimed "safety. " In that case, until his brother was able to reach and touch an actual doorknob, any and all beatings are protected under the law.

Ryan Rock
Ryan Rock

allegedly* happened. Always remember the allegedly. innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. I just saved you from a court case of your own.

Joel Davies
Joel Davies

Now that is the cutting edge reporting that city pages excels at.

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