"Hilary Holiday" arrested for prostitution in Eden Prairie; rates started at $400/hour [PHOTOS]

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Police say LaPoudre charged some of the highest rates they've ever seen.
One of Lora LePoudre's Nokomis neighbors thought she worked as a day trader. Another thought the south Minneapolis mother of three was a house cleaner. Turns out she's a high-end prostitute who goes by the alias of "Hilary Holiday."

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LePoudre was arrested on December 11 in an Eden Prairie Southwest Station condominium she apparently used to meet johns. She's been charged with a misdemeanor count of prostitution for which she could spend 90 days in jail and pay a $1,000 fine. That's a relative drop in the bucket considering her rates started at $400 an hour.

Eden Prairie Patch first broke the news of her arrest last week. From the Patch report:
The case began in May when the management office of a condominium complex told Eden Prairie police that they received an anonymous letter. The person who wrote the letter wrote that 44-year-old resident Lora LePoudre was "a well known prostitute" who called herself Hilary Holiday, Detective Andrew Rohde wrote in charging documents filed Feb. 12...

In November, an undercover officer contacted LePoudre through her Hilary Holiday e-mail address, according to court documents. They talked via e-mail and phone calls and eventually arranged to meet at 1 p.m. Dec. 11. LePoudre told the officer he should walk right in her door without knocking.

The officer arrived, went inside and was greeted by LePoudre. They made small talk for a few minutes before she made a comment about going into the bedroom. The officer went in. LePoudre followed, took off her shirt and leggings so that she was wearing only her bra and panties.

The officer then asked where he should put the $700 he brought. She said that it was only $700, as stated on her website, and told him he could put it anywhere. The officer then asked she had any condoms they could use. She said she had lots.

At that point, Rohde knocked on the door and the undercover policeman identified himself as an officer.
And Fox 9 details the double life LePoudre was apparently living:
[Eden Prairie Sgt. Dennis Paulson] told FOX 9 News that Holiday charged some of the highest rates for prostitution he's seen. He also said it took officers months to set up a sting with LePoudre.

"It's the level of the person doing the business," Paulson explained. "Some of them we consider 'high-end.' She is going to vet her clientele closely, and it takes a long time."...

Back in Eden Prairie, neighbors in the family-friendly condo complex told FOX 9 News they are thankful police are enforcing the misdemeanor prostitution charge.

"It's crazy. This stuff is closer to home than one might imagine," said Krista Engebretson.

Police clarified that they believe LePoudre lives in Minneapolis and only works at the Eden Prairie condo, but Paulson said he isn't convinced the misdemeanor charge will make LePoudre find a new line of work.

"Most of the time, they turn around and they are right back doing the same thing," he said.
We've scoured the internet to find a bunch of photos, a bio, and a testimonial about the, um, services LaPoudre offered. Click to page two for some borderline suitable-for-work photos of LaPoudre and to read her bio from the American Courtesans documentary she appeared in, and click to page three for some definitely not-suitable-for-work photos along with a testimonial written by one of her clients (some of the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them).

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