Homeland Security mass-shooting training video suggests you bring scissors to a gunfight [VIDEO]

ar15 scissors.jpg
Desperate times call for desperate measures, we suppose.
Paper, rock, scissors, AR-15?

An "Active Shooter Training Video" put together by Homeland Security suggests that in a desperate situation, you might consider trying to take out a gunman with a pair of scissors.

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"If you are caught out in the open and cannot conceal yourself or take cover, you might consider trying to overpower the shooter with whatever means are available," the narrator says as the camera cuts to a scissors-clutching hand.

Here's the footage (the scissors part is about 1:50 in):

The part about the scissors is the subject of some funny YouTube comments. For example:
"The safety of our country rests on the blades of scissors...just be sure not to run with them..."

"Also people might try the option of overpowering the firepower of the shooter with a nail file, sellotape snail, and I believe you can also fire staples at them. Jeeze if I saw someone coming at me with a staple gun I'd probably pee myself outta fear!!!!"

"I trust that guy had his SOID card (Scissors owner ID). Actually I did grab a pair like that at the last scissors show I went to." 
Your tax dollars hard at work, folks!

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digitalprotocol topcommenter

Once again Homeland Security propagates fear and confusion

HSA is the most dangerous entity known- they have no limits to their power...


What's so funny about Obama's Gun Bill is that even if high capacity magazines were outlawed and those who have mental issues were banned from owning guns, that would not have prevented the Newtown Shooting.  But, as par for the course, Liberals will believe anything that their Gods tell them.

swmnguy topcommenter

No wonder they're so vigilant about scissors, nail files and suspiciously sharp pens at the TSA airport checkpoints.

Maybe they ought to make high-capacity firearms harder to get than a pair of scissors?


no thanks, i will just keep my 40. good luck with your edgeless school scissors

mingtran topcommenter

Can't believe how retarded you trendy people are. You're actually pro gun, you just believe in centralized governmental ownership of said guns.

So how do you justify your snarky headline? If you take away gun rights, people will have to defend themselves with improvised implements. Am I missing something?

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@keny1 liberals don't have gods idiot, unless you're talking weed, money and sex.


@swmnguy You think being able to get high capacity firearms is easier to get than a pair of scissors?  You, sir, are a fucking moron.

CinBlueland topcommenter

@mingtran Ya, well they have skinny jeans, vintage Members Only jackets and beards!!


@swmnguy oh and btw, you remember those 500 people who were murdered in Chicago last year by gunfire?  Not one of them were killed by a high capacity firearm.

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