In Jordan, Minnesota, cops are moving their offices into schools

newtown shooting.jpeg
Screengrab from Newtown shooting TV coverage
Officials say the plan was prompted by Newtown.
Instead of arming teachers, the town of Jordan, Minnesota is moving police officers into schools.

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In the small Scott County town, city, police, and school officials have teamed up on a plan to rotate the office of the town's police chief, a, police detective, and an officer between the local elementary, middle school, high school, alternative school and a private school.

From KSTP:
The satellite offices would reduce police response time at the schools from three to four minutes to 30 to 60 seconds, Malz estimates.

The new offices would face a large window overlooking the schools' front doors. Police would have computers connected to their internal police system. However, police business, such as suspect interviews, would be done at the main station - away from school.
Implementing the plan will cost $20,000.

In an interview with KARE, Stacy DeCorsey, principal of Jordan Elementary, says the plan represents officials' response to the Newtown school shooting.

"After Sandy Hook, we knew we needed to upgrade security district-wide," she said. "This is an innovative and unique strategy."

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I think this is great! I will fell much better sending my kids to school knowing that the police are there to protect my babies!

Dee Finkelson
Dee Finkelson

Good. Now do same thing for District 11 !!!!!

Stina Moran
Stina Moran

We all have some sort of security at our jobs and or places we live. They are not there because the children are unruly. They are there to protect the children, not police them.

Bob Alberti
Bob Alberti

No, all we do is, after high school they move directly into another building with an armed police presence at all times, the for-profit prison system.

Jim Enneking
Jim Enneking

I would hope this is part of a larger effort in that district to address the underlying issues that are causing the need for stepped up police presence. This should be viewed as a temporary fix. What happens before school, after school or after graduation? Are we raising a generation that needs to live in a police state in order to be civil?

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