In Minnesota, most Missed Connections happen at the grocery store [MAP]

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"I saw you in the cereal aisle holding a box of Lucky Charms, and I just knew..."
Looking for love? Forget bars, gyms, and coffee shops, and head to... Cub Foods?

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Dorothy Gambrell of Psychology Today put together a map looking at where the most Craigslist Missed Connections happen in each state, and here in Minnesota, the most popular locale for (almost) finding love is the supermarket, of all places.

Here's her map (click to enlarge):

missed connections map.jpg

As interesting as it is to know that the most Minnesota Missed Connections happen when folks are shopping for food, the findings for other states are even more fascinating. For instance, Walmart is the top Missed Connections spot in a whopping 15 states! In Georgia, people apparently frequently find dating prospects when gazing out their car windows, and Rhode Islanders are keeping their hearts and eyes open while parking.

The top Missed Connections spot for other states are less curious. To take just one example, Wisconsinites most often hop on Craigslist and pen a note they hope will be read by their prospective love after coming home from the bar. Considering how residents of neighbor to the east like to drink, we're surprised they don't have the liquid courage to make a real-life move by approaching their prospect and asking if they'd like a Red Dog.

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John Taylor
John Taylor

For awhile, it seemed like the best way to be the subject of a missed connection was to work at The Wedge.

Dawn Marie
Dawn Marie

I love that the most missed connection in Florida is at Walmart. heh.

David Mortensen
David Mortensen

I asked someone out at Target. Most embarrassing day ever.

Evan Walde
Evan Walde

Someone really needs to explain Indiana.

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