Is the bald eagle still an at-risk species? The DNR wants your take

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Photo: Yathin S Krishnappa.
The bald eagle would be among animals taken off the list under a new proposal.
Should a bald eagle remain on Minnesota's list of species at risk from disappearing? How about the gray wolf?

Wolf hunting season opposed by 80 percent of DNR survey respondents

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will hold three public hearings this week to get input on these and 300 more proposed changes to the list, which includes species identified as endangered, threatened, or special concern.

Originally established in 1984, the list hasn't been updated since 1996. Rich Baker, endangered species coordinator for the DNR, says an enormous amount of data has been collected on Minnesota wildlife in the meantime.

"It took us a number of years just to assimilate and study and decide what actions to take on this new information," he says

Hearings will be held in Bemijdi Tuesday, Duluth Wednesday, and Plymouth Thursday. Check the DNR website for times and locations.

A few other changes to the list under consideration:

  • Moose, Big Brown Bat, and Canada Lynx to be added to the list under special concern.
  • Trumpeter Swan and Peregrine Falcon to be downgraded from threatened to special concern.
  • Loggerhead Shrike and Horned Grebe to move from threatened to endangered.
  • Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle to jump from special concern to endangered.

    Baker says updating the list is a lengthy process, but predicts the changes will go into effect by midsummer. Read the full list of 302 species here.

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    Ann Fitch
    Ann Fitch

    I was unaware that all wolf hunters are torturous bastards. I assume you have first hand knowledge of all incidents of torture on wolves by hunters in Mn.


    SSSH, Don't let the DNR know that we have Bald Eagles here. If they find out they will surely have a season on them next fall: shooting, trapping, snaring, whatever. They're already trying to obliterate Timberwolves from the scene. Keep quiet about Whistling Swans and Loons too, The DNR has an insatiable thirst for license fees and they view game animals as a cash crop.

    Anne Castro
    Anne Castro

    Oh, and let's not forget how the wolf hunters like to torture the animals before killing them.

    Anne Castro
    Anne Castro

    The DNR doesn't listen to us anyway. Why give them our "take?" 80% polled did not want the wolf hunts to happen, but did that matter? No.

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