Isabel Diaz-Castillo, alleged south Mpls baby snatcher, is in U.S. illegally, may be deported

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Diaz-Castillo (left) allegedly abducted 8-month-old Carlos (right) from his mother's Minneapolis apartment. She was arrested about four hours and an Amber Alert later.
Isabel Diaz-Castillo is expected to be formally charged with kidnapping today, but the feds have already charged her with being in the country illegally.

THE BACKSTORY: Baby left in car seat while mom showered is abducted in south Mpls

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has placed an immigration detainer on Diaz-Castillo, meaning federal agents would take her into custody if local authorities freed her for some reason.

Here's a statement ICE released yesterday:
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) has placed an immigration detainer on Isabel Diaz-Castillo following her Feb. 20 arrest on local charges in Minneapolis. Ms. Diaz-Castillo is not currently being held by ICE.

By issuing a detainer, ICE requests that a law enforcement agency notify ICE before releasing an alien and maintain custody of the subject for a period not to exceed 48 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, to allow ICE to assume custody. ICE places detainers only on non-U.S. citizens who are eligible for deportation.
A KARE report provides some background about Diaz-Castillo and her relationship with Victoria Orozco, mother of 8-month-old Carlos:
Victoria said she met Castillo at a laundromat about a month ago, but always felt uneasy around her.

Police said Castillo was spending an "inordinate" amount of time with the boy and although investigators wouldn't confirm it, Orozco said the woman may have recently lost a child during birth.
Diaz-Castillo's brother told WCCO his family is originally from Mexico.

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Trevor Ludwig
Trevor Ludwig

do you let the person who committed the crime just go back to their country, to possibly get here by the same means again, illegally? Would she face charges in her country? Or do you detain them to make sure they don't commit this crime again? I love all the black and white commenting here. I'm just waiting for the one nutbar to show up and say she should be executed now.

Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee

May??? She's here illegally and committed a felony...where's the question, it should be a definite.

Hunter S. Chompson
Hunter S. Chompson

"Is" in US illegally, "may" be deported. Really? She better be deported.

Sammy L Cater
Sammy L Cater

even though i feel she should rott for kidnapping.... i also feel she should be deported, we really dont need another body in jail on tax payers dime, especially since she is illegal .......

Heather Ann Wilmes
Heather Ann Wilmes

I am just glad the kid was ok! I am also amazed about how many people received Amber Alerts on their phones.

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