Jeffrey Trevino has a very creepy picture of his missing wife on his Facebook profile [IMAGE]

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Jeffrey, 39, remains in jail on suspicion of murdering his missing wife, Kira.
:::: UPDATE :::: Jeffrey Trevino charged with murdering his wife, Kira, after investigators find "copious" blood

Jeffrey Trevino has been arrested on suspicion of homicide in connection with his wife's sudden disappearance, but he hasn't yet been charged with a crime.

After searching the Trevinos' home on the 500 block of East Iowa Avenue in St. Paul on Monday, officers decided they have enough evidence to arrest Jeffrey. But with Kira's body still unaccounted for, it might be hard to get a murder charge to stick, and prosecutors have to decide whether to charge or release Jeffrey by 10 a.m. today.

In the meantime, a perusal of Jeffrey's Facebook profile (in which he misspells his own name as "Jeffery") turned up this very creepy Walking Dead-themed image of he and his wife (click to enlarge):

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Reports published in the last 12 hours by Fox 9 and the Star Tribune contain some interesting new details about the case. First, from Fox:
[Mall of America] Mall security found Kira Trevino's white Chevy Cobalt in a remote part of the parking ramp early Sunday morning -- the same care [sic] a friend told FOX 9 he worked on recently because she'd had a flat tire, a cut brake line and cut transmission line within the last month.

Once he learned Kira Trevino was missing, that friend said he worried someone may have been stalking her or sabotaging her car.
And from the Strib:
Kira Trevino's sister and mother say they didn't learn she was missing until Sunday, two days after her husband first reported her disappearance to St. Paul police.

Jeffrey D. Trevino, who remained jailed Wednesday on suspicion of homicide in connection with his 30-year-old wife's disappearance, contacted two of her friends Saturday evening, but didn't inform family members until Sunday.

"Sadly he had not contacted any of her family members to see if she was with us," said Kira Trevino's younger sister, Keri Anne Steger. Kira Trevino's car was found in a remote area of the Mall of America parking lot Saturday after she failed to show up for work at the Delia's store she managed there. Police later found her purse and cellphone in the car.
Of course, as the case of murdered Cold Spring Officer Tom Decker recently taught us, the fact that law enforcement arrests someone "in suspicion" of a crime doesn't necessarily mean they have enough evidence for prosecutors to file charges. Nor does the presence of a very-creepy-in-hindsight image on his Facebook profile indicate Jeffrey murdered his wife. But investigators seem to have honed in on Jeffrey as the only suspect in his wife's disappearance for the moment. If charges are filed today, we'll soon learn more about the evidence they're working with.

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