Legislative auditor: 88 law enforcement personnel misused database in 2012

The Dept. of Public Safety hasn't provided adequate training for all law enforcement, the report found.
The state should increase its monitoring efforts and be more proactive when it comes to policing law enforcement abuse of motor vehicle records, according to a new report released by the legislative auditor's office.

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The findings come in the wake of several high-profile incidents of state employees caught misusing the Driver and Vehicle Services database, which includes information such as a person's address, photo, and date of birth. A Mankato-based law firm has filed suits against the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Human Services, and Rock County for employee abuse of the database.

The auditor's report found that 88 law enforcement personnel misused the DVS database in the 2012 fiscal year.

The Department of Public Safety has not had proper training policies for law enforcement using the database and should tighten its controls over access, the report recommends. Law enforcement should also conduct more proactive audits of employee use.

Find the full report here, and a summary of the findings and recommendations below:

Legislative Audit Report by

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