Lindsey Vonn's knee looks really nasty following ACL/MCL surgery [PHOTO]

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Vonn faces lots of rehab before she'll be doing this again.
Just days after having surgery to repair her torn ACL and MCL ligaments, Lindsey Vonn posted a photo of her injured right leg on social media.

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And suffice it to say that if you're in the middle of breakfast, you might want to finish up before scrolling further down the page.

Here's it is (click to enlarge if you're sadistic and want to take a closer look):

lindsey vonn knee.jpeg

Vonn captioned the photo with this quip: "My knee very good.... #longskirtsthissummer #ugh" It's good to see she's keeping her sense of humor about the injury she suffered when her knee did an RG3 during a ski crash in Austria earlier this month.

Vonn is also keeping endorsement dollars flowing into her bank account, as evidenced by another photo she posted last week:

vonn red bull.jpeg

If Vonn is to compete in next year's Olympics, her rehab will have to be more Adrian Peterson than Ricky Rubio, that's for sure.

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