Man with chest wound enters Duluth detox center, says ex-roomie "hit me with a goddamn sword!"

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Image by Tatiana Craine
Kyle McClain allegedly stabbed his ex-roomie in the chest with a sword.
On Monday night, a man police are identifying as R.W.S. staggered into the Duluth Detoxification Center was a stab wound in his chest.

-- Chris Meusburger of St. Paul allegedly wanted to sword-fight his 62-year-old female neighbor
-- Man allegedly threatened to behead girlfriend with sword for deleting meth dealers' numbers

When police arrived, R.W.S. told them, "He hit me with a goddamn sword!" Asked who "he" is, R.W.S., 43, told them his name is "Kyle."

A blood trail in the snow led officers to the residence where R.W.S. used to live with Kyle McClain and other roommates.

The Duluth News Tribune reports the story from there:
According to McClain's two roommates, R.W.S. used to stay at the house but no longer was welcome because of loud, drunken and destructive behavior. The roommates -- both of whom claimed not to see the alleged stabbing -- said R.W.S. came to the house Monday and asked to stay, but McClain angrily ordered him to leave.

After R.W.S. left, McClain said that he might have to hurt him, one of the roommates said.

The other roommate said that when R.W.S. returned and began knocking on the door, McClain "shouted 'that's it!' " and stated "that just really pisses me off!" before running downstairs to confront R.W.S., according to the criminal complaint.

The roommates told police that McClain is a martial arts enthusiast and owns a sword.
McClain, 43, told officers that while he had previously warned R.W.S. he'd "kick his ass" next time he showed his face around his old digs, he had nothing to do with the stab wound. But officers found the sword believed to be used in the stabbing inside his residence.

McClain has been charged with first- and second-degree assault. It's not his first brush with violent crime -- in 1993, he was convicted of second-degree manslaughter in Sherburne County.

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swmnguy topcommenter

I have to admit, I have a veritable arsenal of cutting implements.  In one case, which I can lock, I have at least half a dozen knives; folding, pocket, carpet, matte; you name it.  And of course the replacement blades, which I buy 100 at a time.  Also, I have jigsaw blades, circular saw blades, bandsaw blades, a chainsaw, a reciprocating saw, handsaws (I can tell them from a hawk, no matter which way the wind is), hacksaws etc.  And don't even get me started on my kitchen knives.  And I have several sharpening stones and steels.  Heck, I've even taken up shaving with a straight razor since Christmas time.

But I'm not some kind of squinty-eyed nut.  Even though I store large quantities of food and dry goods, can my own garden produce, and might have even had some precious metals before that unfortunate boating accident.

When knives are outlawed, only outlaws will accidentally cut themselves.  And they'll have to pry my knives out of my cold, dead, cut-up and scarred fingers.

But swords?  That's beyond the pale, man.  If you're a ninja, fine, I guess; but then we wouldn't even see you to know you had a sword, so it's really none of our business.


Civilians don't need that much slicing power and shouldn't have access to ninja grade weapons.  I am not anti-chopping, and own several slicing implements of my own.  I understand that there is a long tradition of food preparation, but we need to think of the children.  Ban all high-capacity assault swords!

henk.tobias0 topcommenter

@swmnguy Could be that Kyle is a Ninja, no one saw him cut the dude, but the dude was cut..Kyle denies being the cutter. Isn't that just the way Ninja's roll?

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