Maple Grove hockey parent: "That whole organization should have a no-confidence vote" [INTERVIEW]

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Board members "just started yelling at him, telling him 'you're not the angel your mom thinks you are.'" It was the last straw. "I thought, you're not going to talk to my kid that way. So we're done with Maple Grove, and now he's playing junior varsity for Breck," Heidemann said, adding that his son is thrilled about the switch.

Heidemann insists that his son's ordeal is indicative of the dysfunctional youth hockey culture in Maple Grove.

Some kids "get away with anything. Dads coach from the stands and nothing is said, parents get thrown out of games by officials for yelling at bad calls," Heidemann said. "One dad told one of the kids from the other team as he was coming off the ice that he was gonna 'kick the shit out of him.'"

Referring to the varsity team's purported sex tape scandal, Heidemann said, "the type of behavior that you got out of those high school kids, if you think that's a coincidence you're crazy. You're breeding this stuff by allowing it to happen at younger ages. Then they get older, are introduced to drugs, girls, and alcohol, and you expect them to behave?"

Heidemann said he knew of a Peewee coach who had a video on his cell phone of one of his players wearing a diaper on his head in an apparent instance of hazing or bullying. A player's father went to the Maple Grove board with the video and ended up temporarily banned from Maple Grove hockey rinks for his trouble.

"The coach with the video on his phone is still coaching. That's insane," Heidemann said. "That very same coach is on another cell phone video kicking one of his players. He should be barred from coaching kids for the rest of his life."

"My concern is that the board is now coming out and giving the perception that they really want to do something, want to distance themselves from the high school team," Heidemann continued. "But the reality is they're so crooked themselves -- it's so hypocritical, that's what bothers me."

And for what it's worth, varsity head coach Stefano was never subjected to the threatened no-confidence vote. As KARE reports, the motion was pulled from yesterday's meeting agenda before the meeting occurred.

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