Michael Brodkorb had .10 BAL when he seriously injured himself in one-car wreck [UPDATE]

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Insult to injury: Out of the hospital, Brodkorb might face a drunk driving charge.
-- Original post from morning of February 8; update at bottom --

Up until 2005, Michael Brodkorb wouldn't have been doing anything illegal by driving around with a .10 blood-alcohol level in Minnesota. But now, he could face a drunken driving charge in connection with the one-car accident that left him in critical condition last month.

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Yesterday, the State Patrol announced that Brodkorb's BAL was just over the legal limit. Whether a criminal charge is forthcoming is now up to the Lilydale City Attorney.

Brodkorb, 39, spent a few days in the hospital following the January 23 crash, but he's out now and tweeting again: Then, yesterday, he retweeted this: Makes sense. After all, if you were facing a drunk driving charge, you wouldn't want people talking about it either, right?

:::: UPDATE ::::

Michael Brodkorb officially faces charges in connection with last month's wreck.

From the Pioneer Press's Marino Eccher:
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