Minnesota Mist bikini basketball coming this summer [PHOTOS]

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Minnesota Mist team photo
In the bikini league, scantily clad women run around. Basketball is an added bonus.
Are you a fan of women's basketball? No? Well, what if the players wore bikinis on the court?

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Former Minnesota Lynx player Tamara Moore is hoping the answer to that latter question is, "Yes, I'll definitely check out some scantily clad women playing basketball." Because she's the owner of the Minnesota Mist Bikini Basketball team, which is set to make its debut this summer.

Here's the Mist's bio from the bikini league's official webpage (the league's slogan is "Basketball League for Sexy Athletic Ladies"):
The Minnesota Mist is a Bikini Basketball team which was established on October 6th, 2012. The Mist is proud to represent from the Twin Cities of the Midwest Region. The Minnesota Mist brings to the league an unique blend of "Beauty & Ball" to establish themselves as a force. The team was created by former six year WNBA Pro Tamara Moore, who developed the team in her hometown of Minneapolis, MN. With the fusion of her knowledge in basketball, owning her own modeling agency "Divas In Demand" and working in radio/marketing, the Mist has been able to use all of those elements to custom build an amazing product. The Minnesota Mist is excited for the upcoming inaugural Bikini Basketball season so, "Prepare to Be Mistified"...
Details about the Mist and Bikini Basketball in general remain somewhat sketchy, as the league doesn't seem to have yet released a schedule or disclosed where the Minnesota team will be playing its home games. But tryouts for the team were held in November, and according to the Mist's official Twitter account, practices are already in full swing.

The other Bikini Basketball franchises are located in Orlando, Miami, Philadelphia, NYC, Atlanta, and suburban Chicago.

Want to see more of what the Mist have to, um, offer? Click to page two for some barely suitable-for-work player photos from the team's Facebook page.

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