More than 650 cars towed in first two days of Minneapolis snow emergency

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As we trudge through day three of the season's second snow emergency, at least 657 drivers have already suffered through the experience of looking out their window, seeing plowed pavement where they left their car, and realizing it's been whisked away by city tow trucks.

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Minneapolis declared a snow emergency mid-afternoon on Sunday, when about four inches of snow had already hit the ground, and more was falling. We racked up less than a half-foot total.

In the first day of the snow emergency -- so, Sunday night into Monday morning -- the city towed 343 cars. Yesterday, day two, that number jumped by another 314 cars to 657, according to city spokesperson Matt Laible.

That's just under 100 fewer cars than during the season's first snow emergency two months ago, when 750 unprepared drivers had their cars dragged away by day two. That snow was also heavier, with more than a foot of the fluffy white stuff in many parts of the city.

The city will release the day-three totals late this afternoon, so check back then to find out how many of your neighbors you can point and laugh at. (Or to take comfort in the fact that you weren't the only one trekking to the impound lot).

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Truth_Teller_1 topcommenter

I think towing is proper revenge to all the Liberals that post on this forum.

You like more government - well then let your ass be towed, and treated like a criminal at the Minneapolis impound lot.   Us conseratives, park our cars in our garages - cause we work for it. 

Get the idea?

Dan Mason
Dan Mason

Too bad snow emergencies don't translate to roads being plowed to the curb. Kind of a waste of energy when the city half-asses their part.

Nathan Hoffmann
Nathan Hoffmann

No, it's called being selfish and entitled and paying the price for leaving your car on the street while the city is trying to clear them of snow for everyone.

Evan Walde
Evan Walde

It's really not that hard to not get towed people.

John Fenderson
John Fenderson

I often miss my hometown... but not when I read stories like this.

MNjoe topcommenter

@East_Coast_Doug Wow! You, like most conservatives, are a major asshole - I feel sorry for any spouse or children you might have who would have the misfortune to have to interact with you on a daily basis. Really, an article about towing turns (in your sick mind) into a liberal/conservative issue? Wait till Dems win the House in 2014 - your ulcers will really start acting up. Calm down and get some mental help.

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