Mpls cop Bradley Schnickel arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct involving pre-teen girl [UPDATE]

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Schnickel allegedly had sex with a pre-teen girl.
:::: UPDATE :::: Mpls cop Bradley Schnickel, 32, allegedly got 14-year-old girl drunk before having sex with her

32-year-old Andover resident Bradley Schnickel has been arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct involving a girl younger than 13, according to an Anoka County press release.

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Schnickel is a Minneapolis police officer.

From WCCO:
[Schnickel] was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of first-degree criminal sexual conduct after the Anoka County Sheriff's Office was alerted by Brooklyn Park Police that he had allegedly been using social media to contact a girl in Brooklyn Center and had been sending her inappropriate messages. Schnickel has not yet been formally charged in the case.
According to Fox 9, Schnickel's arrest came after Brooklyn Center police "identified the officer as the man who had been sending inappropriate messages to an underage girl over social media." Investigators then determined he had victimized several girls. One of the allegations involves "penetration of a juvenile female," WCCO reports.

Schnickel has not yet been charged, though he was being held in Anoka County Jail this morning.

:::: UPDATE ::::

The Minneapolis Police Department has issued a press release in response to news of Schnickel's arrest.

Schnickel has been placed on administrative leave, and the MPD is conducting an internal investigation.

The release also contains this quote from Police Chief Janee Harteau:
If the alleged criminal charges are true, it is horrific and goes against everything the Minneapolis Police Department represents, our core values and our mission. This should not reflect upon the women and men of this department, who truly want to serve this community with integrity. Our community deserves better and the members of this department deserve better. We must have public trust to effectively serve our communities and I will decisively take action whenever that is jeopardized.
The Star Tribune reports that Schnickel has worked for the MPD since 2008.

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Adam Garberg
Adam Garberg

"To protect with courage, to serve with compassion" Stay classy, MPD!


If this is Chief Harteau's MPD 2.0, could we please revert tot he earlier version until she works out the bugs?

digitalprotocol topcommenter

i say it so much on here...fuck the police

Tyler Chip Moody Suter
Tyler Chip Moody Suter

I hate child predators as much as the next guy, especially a cop perpetrating such a crime, but I don't think it is very responsible to report a crime till a conviction comes through. Look at what happened with the Mankato State football coach. I guarantee that there are plenty of people who still believe that guy was in to child pornography.

Dean P. Cummings
Dean P. Cummings

More evidence that cops are the only ones responsible enough to carry guns in public.

Andrew Larson
Andrew Larson

This guy is in for a very rough time in the slammer. And rightfully so.

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