National Organization for Marriage issues $500k threat to gay-friendly MNGOPers [UPDATE]

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Are you a Republican legislator who is considering voting in favor of allowing two dudes to tie the knot? If so, NOM wants you to know it's coming for you!
:::: UPDATE ::::

Senator Petersen says he's not worried about NOM's threat.

"Regardless of the amount, whether it's $500,000 or $50 million, my vote is not going to [be] bought either way. I'm going to do what's right," Petersen told the Pioneer Press. "If they want to throw away $500,000 then that's their decision."

Original post -- MNGOP legislators who vote in support of marriage equality will be marked for death, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) warns in a press release published today.

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"Republicans like Branden Petersen don't realize that not only is voting to redefine marriage a terrible policy, it is also a career-ending vote for a Republican," said NOM president Brian Brown in reference to the 27-year-old senator from Andover who last week became the first MNGOP legislator to come out in favor of gay marriage. "NOM will do everything in our power to defeat any Republican who votes in favor of same-sex marriage."

Specifically, the press release warns legislators that NOM will "spend $500,000 against any Republican legislator who votes in favor of redefining marriage in Minnesota, and will support any Democrat who votes to preserve marriage." Because being out of touch with the direction civil rights law is headed isn't the exclusive domain of Republicans, right?

The release also notes that with contributions of more than $2.2 million, NOM was "the largest contributor to the proposed Minnesota Marriage Amendment." And how'd that work out for them?

Meanwhile, Sen. Scott Dibble, D-Minneapolis, reportedly plans to introduce his marriage equality bill late this week, a week later than it was initially promised.

To read the entirety of NOM's remarkably brazen press release, click to page two.

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It's like they don't even realize how irrelevant they are.

swmnguy topcommenter

It's absolutely amazing how far public opinion has turned on this issue.  It wasn't even a thing people thought of when I was a kid, 40 years ago.  Over the past couple of decades, same-sex marriage has become a reality in most people's lives, without benefit of legal recognition.  As a result, all the most intransigent have come to consider it at worst none of their business.  

As our younger people grow up, the idea that anyone ever opposed same-sex marriage will become a weird notion within the next 20 years; just as it now seems odd to see people smoking indoors in a public place (which was the norm 20 years ago).

I remember talking to my grandfather about this about 10 years ago, right before he died at the age of 96.  He was one of the most deeply religious people I have ever known, as well as one of the most conservative.  His response really surprised me.  He said, "I've been alive a long time, and one problem we don't have in this world is too much love.  If two people love each other, I can't imagine God wants me to have a problem with that, of all things."  And he couldn't even bring himself to say the words "gay" or "homosexual," despite the fact that he had known people meeting those descriptions his entire life.


You know what career is ACTUALLY ending? Being a professional homophobic bigot. Not a lot of future in that one.

Bob Alberti
Bob Alberti

The other career that's ending? Being a professional homophobe.

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