Police Chief Zeb Hemsworth calls pro-choice woman a "piece of shit scum sucking baby killing bitch" [UPDATE]

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Pike Bay Police Department webpage
Chief Hemsworth poses with his Pike Bay PD colleagues.
:::: UPDATE :::: Police Chief Zeb Hemsworth won't lose job for "scum sucking baby killing bitch" rant

Pike Bay Police Chief Zem Hemsworth has either outright deleted his Facebook profile or put it on total lockdown after drawing criticism for an over-the-top insult he directed toward a pro-choice woman.

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In a comment thread about a pro-Second Amendment photo, of all things, Hemsworth called the woman a "piece of shit scum sucking baby killing bitch" and a "filthy swanky slut." He was apparently irate because she had the audacity to say: "Women have the right to chose what guns we want just like a man and we also have the right to choose if we want/need an abortion via Roe vs Wade. I assume that was the double meaning to this post."

Hemsworth deleted his comment, but not before a screengrab of his outrageous insult was captured by a mysterious Facebook user who goes by the name "Rancid Butter."

Here's the back-and-forth, including Hemsworth's "swanky slut" comment, which we had to crop in since it has been deleted on the original thread:

zebivythread1 crop.jpg

:::: UPDATE ::::

Hemsworth's Facebook profile may be on lockdown, but his YouTube account isn't. (Actually, shortly after this was published, his YouTube account was also either deleted or restricted to the point where it can't be publicly seen anymore.)

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