Police Chief Zeb Hemsworth won't lose job for "scum sucking baby killing bitch" rant

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Hemsworth is apologizing (indirectly) for his history of posting hateful anti-woman, anti-liberal, and vaguely Islamophobic ("Barack Hussein Obama") rants on the internet.
This afternoon, Pike Bay Township officials said that Police Chief Zeb Hemsworth won't lose his job for calling a pro-choice woman a "piece of shit scum sucking baby killing bitch" on Facebook... prompting us to wonder what it takes to use your job up there.

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In comments made to KSTP on Hemsworth's behalf, Township Clerk Matt Erickson said Hemsworth, who has no previous disciplinary record, "is still assigned to active duty. Any disciplinary measures necessary will be handled internally."

For whatever reason, Hemsworth or township officials or some combination of the two decided it wouldn't be a good idea to let the police chief apologize directly. Instead, they opted to let Erickson speak for him. From KSTP:
"Officer Hemsworth apologizes for his recent Facebook posting and regrets the insensitivity of the words he chose to use," said Township [Clerk] Matt Erickson on behalf of the police chief.

Erickson said, "Township officials have investigated the allegations and it was confirmed the event took place while Officer Hemsworth was off-duty and with the use of his personal cell phone."...

A closed meeting was called Tuesday night to address the allegations...

Erickson said Hemsworth will not lose his job. A message left for Hemsworth went unanswered Wednesday.
"Insensitivity of the words he chose to use?" That's one highly dubious way of putting it. A more accurate formulation might be "shockingly hateful words used by a man whose job it is to enforce the law impartially, not direct the most derogatory insults imaginable toward a woman simply because she's a supporter of constitutionally protected abortion rights."

In any event, we'd hate to be a liberal woman calling for police assistance anywhere in the Pike Bay Township vicinity.

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