Pro-gun group's plan to crash Breakfast with Gary Schiff event megafails

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Crash or no crash, the mayoral candidate has no qualms with Carry Forum members attending his breakfast event.
Yesterday, the Twin Cities Gun Owners & Carry Forum launched an ingenious plan to crash Friday's Breakfast with Gary Schiff event.

Scheduled to be in attendance along with Schiff is Rep. Jim Davnie, D-Minneapolis. This legislative session, Davnie is sponsoring legislation that would "equalize penalties for offenders unlawfully possessing firearms on school properties and for possessing guns on private properties that prohibit guns," the Minnesota Daily reports.

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As you'd imagine, the Carry Forum is less than thrilled with that proposal. So they encouraged supporters to attend the breakfast event and asked them to try to catch Schiff and Davnie by surprise -- "DON'T let them know you're going to be there. Catch them off guard."

But there was just one little problem with that strategy. The Carry Forum's "Action Item" was published in a public Facebook post, meaning Schiff was able to learn about the plan with a day to spare. From Schiff's Facebook (click image to enlarge):

schiff guns.jpg

As one commenter put it, "Hopefully you're meeting at an establishment that bans guns on their premises."

You might want to go with email next time, guys.

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