Ray Edwards basically fought some guy from the crowd after his opponent no-showed

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Image by Tatiana Craine
Middle: Edwards stands over Nick Capes after his phantom knockout punch. The other image is from Edwards's almost equally terrible fight against Corey Briggs.
This morning, we wondered whether Ray Edwards is trying to establish himself as a real pro boxer or as a performance art-unintentional comedy act.

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Suffice it to say new information emerging today suggests the latter.

Turns out the opponent the ex-Viking 'knocked out' with a phantom right uppercut was basically some guy his trainer found at the last minute after Edwards's scheduled opponent no-showed (click the link above to see the video).

From ProFootballTalk:
[Mike Smith, Edwards's original opponent] didn't show up to the weigh-in. That left the fight's promoter, Cory Rapacz, scrambling to find a replacement. And the only replacement Rapacz could find was some guy named Nick Capes, who isn't even a heavyweight and who entered the fight with a record of 0-3, with all three of his career fights being first-round knockout losses.

Rapacz acknowledges that Capes had no shot, but Capes was the only licensed professional boxer who could be found to step into the ring with Edwards on short notice.

"We knew he was terrible as one of the fights was on YouTube," said Rapacz on Facebook... "It was obvious what we were getting. He had a federal ID and was over 200 pounds so we took him."
Meanwhile, in news that won't exactly come as a big blow to the boxing community, Capes -- who drove from Iowa to North Dakota the day before the fight and weighed in the same morning as his 'bout' -- has already been suspended from fighting in North Dakota. From the Fargo Forum:
Al Jaeger, the North Dakota Secretary of State who also acts as the state's combative sports commissioner, said video review of Nicholas Capes' fight with Ray Edwards, a former Minnesota Vikings defensive end, clearly shows Capes wasn't hit on an uppercut by Edwards.

"As we move ahead, we'll take appropriate action as the investigation review unfolds," Jaeger said.

Capes was a last-minute replacement for a couple of no-shows, said event promoter Cory Rapacz, who called the fall "embarrassing and unfortunate."
According to the Forum, tickets to the not-exactly-fit-for-live-streaming-on-ESPN-Classic Edwards fight were $50. That's a lot of coin for a pro wrestling show.

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