Rick Nolan says he's expected to spend twice as much time fundraising as on actual legislative work

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"Members are saying there's no sense in running if I'm not going to have more money than the other guy," Nolan told the Strib.
Think serving in Congress sounds fun? Well, consider this: According to new Congressman Rick Nolan, just three months after being elected, he's already expected to spend four hours each day working the phones in preparation for the next election.

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So maybe the best training for a job as a Representative or Senator is extensive experience in the realm of phone sales.

From the Star Tribune:
During an orientation session, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staff recommended that incoming members, as part of a 10-hour work day, spend four hours daily on the phone canvassing for campaign contributions during the congressional session.

That is twice as much time as the DCCC recommended spending on actual legislative work, such as attending committee meetings and voting...

Nolan said that when he begins fundraising for 2014, he'll stick to weekends and evenings. He will not, he said, devote four hours a day during his work week.

"If it means I'm a one-term congressman, so be it," he said.
Instead of spending his time working the phone, Nolan told the Strib he plans to work on legislation that would make elections publicly funded and restrict their length in hopes that future congresspeople aren't subjected to the same raise-money-or-else pressure he's facing.

We're no Nate Silvers, but getting a bill like that through the Republican-controlled House? Nolan might have better luck trying to fund his 2014 reelection campaign with lottery winnings.

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