St. Paul cop Josh Lynaugh, 30, died after suffering foot chase-induced heart attack

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Lynaugh died more than a week after suffering a heart attack while on duty.
On February 16, St. Paul Officer Josh Lynaugh, 30, died of a what was initially reported to be a "medical condition" aggravated while he was on duty on February 8.

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Yesterday, St. Paul police announced that Lynaugh, a decorated five-year veteran whose father was also a St. Paul cop, died after suffering a heart attack.

Lynaugh's heart attack occurred after he and his partner got into a foot chase with a teenager who was acting suspiciously, according to the following St. Paul PD press release:
About 10:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 8, 2013, Lynaugh [and] his partner were on patrol in the 1100 block of Edgerton Street when they noticed a male acting suspiciously, in a manner the officers believed might be consistent with someone hiding. When the officers turned their squad car around to speak to the male, he fled on foot.

Lynaugh pursued the male and, with the help of a K-9 police dog and its handler, found the male, later identified as a teenager, near the intersection of Jessie Street and Geranium Ave. E. The teenager was issued a juvenile citation for fleeing on foot and for violating curfew.

Lynaugh became ill after the teen was discovered and Saint Paul Fire Department paramedics were called. They transported him to Regions Hospital, where Lynaugh was treated for a heart attack until he died.

Officer Lynaugh's father, Ret. Saint Paul Police Sgt. Tim Lynaugh, thanked the community for the enormous support his family has received. He also specifically thanked the Regions Hospital staff for their help and support.
According to WCCO, Lynaugh worked in the eastern and central parts of the city. He earned 16 letters of recognition and two lifesaving awards during his career.

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You should probably SHUT your mouth! I hope you don't live in st.paul.. You might want to do your homework before using the strongest bone in your body MOUTH because there is this one female i know that loves him VERY much - has since the second grade- and she gets stupid when people talk bad about her love. 

Eric Shawn Smith
Eric Shawn Smith

So you can't even play hide & seek anymore? Paranoid police are the worst kind. Surprised they didn't open fire on this kid.

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