Star Tribune reporters engage in colleague-on-colleague Twitter war teasing [UPDATE]

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strib twitter fight rect.jpg
Fighting Twitter birds via
Brandon Stahl to Strib colleague Rochelle Olson: "Should I go to your desk when I need a cliche?"
Either Brandon Stahl and Rochelle Olson like to kid really aggressively, or they kinda hate each other. (UPDATE -- Stahl got in touch this morning and said he and Olson were indeed kidding. "Rochelle was one of the first people I met here, and has been incredibly helpful," Stahl said.)

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The two Star Tribune reporters got into a Twitter war yesterday, culminating in each of them agreeing to stay away from the other's newsroom desk.

Here's the blow-by-blow between Olson, who covers Hennepin County courts and legal affairs, and Stahl, a "watchdog reporter" who recently came to the Strib from the Duluth News Tribune:

strib twitter fight 1.jpg
star tribune twitter fight 2.jpg
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Jesus Christ. Could it have possibly been more obvious that they were kidding? I don't think it could have.

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