Sunday liquor sales bill introduced in Senate

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Image by Tatiana Craine
Sens. Miller (left) and Reinert have reached across the aisle to co-author a Sunday liquor sales bill.
It's baaaack! Less than a year after the last attempt to legalize Sunday liquor sales was killed in the House, the bill has been resurrected from the dead in the Senate.

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Authored by Senator Roger Reinert, D-Duluth, and Senator Jeremy Miller, R-Winona, the bill would allow liquor sales on Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Here's a screengrab of the bill's language via the Minnesota Revisor's webpage:

booze bill.JPG

Polling conducted last May and June showed that legalization of Sunday liquor sales is favored by Minnesotans by a two-to-one margin. Will legislators finally acquiesce to the will of the people and allow liquor stores to be open on the Christian day of rest? Time, and the Senate Commerce Committee (to begin with, at least), will tell.

-- h/t: Eric Roper --

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