Surveillance video captures Brainerd tip stealers in action [VIDEO]

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This woman and an accomplice worked together to steal tips, and probably would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for the security cam footage.
It's one thing to steal, another to rip off a hard-working server making minimum wage. And it's a third thing to get caught in the act on camera.

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But all three of those things recently happened at Brainerd's Sunshine Kitchen & Moonshine Lounge. Owners took the savvy step of posting surveillance footage of the tip swipers on YouTube, and according to the Star Tribune, "the restaurant fielded numerous calls from people who said they recognized the women and passed along their names" within a day.

Here it is, complete with running commentary:

According to the Strib, a server and single mom with two kids named Kristy Lemcke ended up getting up to $100 stolen.

After receiving a number of tips, the Sunshine Kitchen's owners passed along information about the thieves' identities to the Brainerd police. A Brainerd officer was "not surprised by the names we gave them," owner Phil Holbrook told the Strib. "He said no doubt they'll be bringing them in shortly."

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