The Onion runs 'op-ed' by alleged drunken baby-slapping racist Joe Hundley

Categories: Racism
joe Hundley rect.jpg
Hundley: "I was doing the right thing! I was making the flight better for everyone!"
Charged with assault, out of a job, and with nowhere else to turn after he allegedly directed racial slurs toward and then slapped a 19-month-old aboard an MSP-to-ATL flight, Joe Hundley shared his side of the story yesterday in an Onion op-ed.

SEE ALSO: Joe Hundley allegedly said "shut that [n-bomb] baby up" before slapping toddler during flight

The long and short of it: Who wouldn't do the same thing?

Here's a screengrab that gives you the gist (to read the whole thing, click here):

joe hundley onion.JPG

The whole thing strikes us as a little strange, since we could've sworn Hundley was saying earlier this week that he didn't hit the child and merely asked the mother to "quiet" him. Then again, the Onion has a reputation for leaving its readers a little bit confused.

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