Twins pitcher Anthony Swarzak breaks ribs in one of the most juvenile ways imaginable

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Swarzak and his teammates apparently like to play rough. Like, two broken ribs rough.
Who hasn't been there in their mid-to-late 20s? You start horseplaying with your buddies, and next thing you know, somebody ends up with broken ribs.

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Okay, so you probably haven't been there. Most of us haven't, and if you're reading this, chances are you aren't a professional athlete. Which is why the story behind 27-year-old Twins reliever Anthony Swarzak's broken ribs is all the more remarkable.

From the Star Tribune:
"Some of the fellas got together on that Friday night (Jan. 25), and they started wrestling around a little bit. It was just horseplay," general manager Terry Ryan said, declining to name the teammates involved. "Anthony apparently [took an] impact, and ultimately, he cracked a couple of ribs."

He didn't realize it at first, though. Swarzak had some pain the next few days, Ryan said, but believed it was just minor soreness, the result of twisting while wrestling, that would disappear in a matter of days.

When it didn't, he was examined by doctors this week, and fractures in two ribs on his left side were discovered.
What were they doing, playfully practicing F5s on each other?

Swarzak is expected to miss a month. Let's hope his teammates play nicer with him upon his return.

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