Twins pitcher Vance Worley met his fiancée after she asked him out on Twitter

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Worley spent his first two seasons with the Phillies. He was acquired in the Ben Revere trade in December and might be the Twins' opening day starter.
Who says finding true, lasting love is more difficult in the online dating and social media age?

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A Philadelphia Inquirer profile of new Twins pitcher Vance Worley contains the cute story of how Worley met his fiancée, Maricel Vivas. And it involves Twitpics.

From the Inquirer:
The romance between Vance Worley and Maricel Vivas sounds like something out of a Kevin Costner movie, if Costner made movies in the social-media era. In September 2011, Worley was scheduled for an autograph signing in Aston, Pa. Vivas' brother knew she was a big fan of Worley's, so he joked that she should travel from Roxborough "to see her boyfriend." She did, getting Worley's autograph and snapping a picture with him.

Later, via Twitter, she sent the pitcher a link to the picture. Around that same time, Hunter Pence went on Twitter asking if any of his followers wanted a date with fellow Phillies outfielder John Mayberry Jr., who had recently been featured in a New York Post gossip item that said Mayberry was trying to get a date with a model/actress who appeared in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

Vivas responded to Pence.

"She said, 'I want a date with Vance Worley,' " the righthander said with a rueful smile...

[They set up a date for after a game, and they] hit it off. Every now and then, Vivas would be watching a Phillies game with her family, and she'd spot Worley and point to him and say, "That's the guy I'm dating." Her family, according to Worley, was not convinced that it was anything more than a fling. When she told him this, he offered a solution.

"Why don't I go meet them?" he said.

So Worley and Vivas headed to Roxborough. Worley knocked on the door. Her mother answered with a startled expression.

"I know you," she said.
It's something to keep in mind next time you're tempted to tweet at Kevin Love or Candice Wiggins. At worst, they'll ignore you, and at best, you could eventually find yourself bringing a famous athlete home to your disbelieving mom.

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