Unfactcheckable Michele Bachmann says she "didn't get anything wrong" during GOP debates

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Over the weekend, Lizz Winstead shared this surprisingly chummy-looking picture of her and Michele.
Last September, when asked about the difficultly of fact-checking GOP presidential hopefuls during the 2011-12 primary season, an Associated Press editor said: "We had to have a self-imposed Michele Bachmann quota in some of those debates." The implication being, of course, that Bachmann was so full of shit, the AP would've needed round-the-clock staff to check all the claims she made while going toe to toe with Romney, Cain, Santorum, and the other GOP presidential hopefuls.

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So it's no surprise that even students at the über-conservative Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, were taken aback yesterday when Bachmann told them she is "very proud of the fact that I didn't get anything wrong that I said during the course of the debates" during an on-campus interview.

From longtime Bachmann watcher and blogger Ken Avidor:
[Bachmann] claimed she was proud not to get anything wrong in her Presidential campaign:
"If you are a conservative you can never get anything wrong. I was very proud of the fact that I didn't get anything wrong that I said during the course of the debates. I didn't get anything wrong and that's a huge arena."
Bachmann then admitted she got John Wayne's birthplace wrong and Elvis Presley's birthday wrong, but "was right on all the others." Later a student questioned that statement and Bachmann accused the student of not having a sense of humor.
Bachmann may have been flashing her rarely seen sense of humor in that exchange, but she was serious later when she characterized the liberal agenda as follows: "I think when you look at consequences and the effects of what the Left is delivering it really is an agenda of misery and it is an agenda that demeans the human spirit."

"An agenda of misery." Those are apparently the sorts of flowery phrases one is left with when their language becomes unfactcheckable.

Here's the raw footage of Bachmann's Patrick Henry interview:

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