Vikings tweak logo to make Norseman look slightly more pissed off [IMAGE]

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The old logo is at left, tweaked version on the right. Without reading the post first, can you identify the five things that are different?
Forty-seven years after he debuted on the NFL scene, the Vikings' Norseman has gotten a haircut and is looking more pissed off than ever. We suppose it stands to reason he's looking a bit haggard in light of all the heartbreak he's endured.

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Rumor has it the logo tweak isn't the last aesthetic change in store for the team in the coming months -- as we told you about a couple months ago, word on the street is that the Vikes plan to unveil retro uniforms for the 2013 season.

On the Vikings website, the team explains the logo tweak as follows:
So what's different?
There are really five subtle enhancements to the Norseman:

1) Horn Shape
The shape of the horns has been adjusted and the shading in the horns has changed.

2) Horn Base
The base of the horn now resembles the horn on the players' helmets.

3) Face Detail
Thicker lines have been added to the mustache and face.

4) Vikings Gold
The Vikings Gold is now brighter and less brassy.

5) The Braid
The braid has been shortened, resulting in a reduced logo height.

Why now?
As the Vikings transition into the drafting of plans for the new stadium and the prevalent Norseman usage throughout that facility, the team realized this is the appropriate time to make these logo enhancements. The evolution will not happen overnight; Vikings fans can expect to see both versions of the logo during the transition period, but the enhanced mark will be noticeable immediately throughout Merchandise with the enhanced Norseman could be available as early as March.

What's next?
We are looking forward to many exciting changes for our team and fans in the next few years, leading up to the opening of our new stadium. These logo enhancements are just the beginning...
In other words, if you want threads adorned with the updated logo, you may want to hold off on buying that Vikings hoodie until next month.

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