Wisconsin woman found living in trailer home with 300 rats

rat rect.jpg
Most people shudder at the thought of living with one of these things, let alone 300 of them!
I'm not particularly creeped out by rats, but this still sounds likes hell on earth.

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A Plover, Wisconsin woman named Darlene Flatoff has been evicted from her trailer home after she found to be living with more than 300 loose rats.

The Wausau Daily Herald provides more information:
According to health officials, Flatoff has kept more than 300 rats in her mobile home since at least March. The home doesn't have adequate sewage disposal, and there is evidence of rat feces all over the home, according to a health department inspection report. The concentration of rodents and their droppings poses a significant risk of disease.

The problem began when Flatoff, 58, began buying domesticated rats at pet stores and bringing them home, according to health officials. Over time, the rats running loose bred with wild rats and their offspring overran the property.

Officials now have no choice but to remove the woman and the rats from the home and raze it.
Just goes to show that one person's hellish nightmare can be a rat-loving, feces-comfortable person's utopia, we suppose.

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