Zeb Hemsworth under investigation by Pike Bay Township Board for "baby killing bitch" rant

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Will Zeb's hateful internet presence cost him his job? The Pike Bay board is considering that question.
:::: UPDATE :::: Police Chief Zeb Hemsworth won't lose job for "scum sucking baby killing bitch" rant

Pike Bay Township Police Chief Zeb Hemsworth's outrageous Facebook rant against a pro-choice woman prompted more than a few calls for his job.

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Last night, the Pike Bay Township Board considered what action, if any, they'll take against their abortion- and liberal-hating police chief.

From a KSTP report published yesterday evening:
Hemsworth tells KSTP.com he is under internal investigation by the Pike Bay Township Board.

He wouldn't confirm or deny he made the posts on Facebook.

"I was ordered not to comment on the allegations until the investigation was complete," said Hemsworth.

A closed meeting has been called Tuesday night to address the allegations, according to Township Clerk Matt Erickson.

Hemsworth has not been placed on leave.
As we publish this, whether the board took action or not last night isn't yet known, but we'll be sure to update this post with information about Hemsworth's employment status as soon as we learn more.

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