Alleged north Minneapolis clique leader gets seven years on drug charge

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YNT is just one of many North Side cliques.
The alleged former leader of a north Minneapolis criminal clique known as "YNT" (Young 'n Thuggin') was sentenced to more than seven years in federal prison Monday for aiding and abetting the distribution of crack cocaine.

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In June 2011, Trayjohn Lashawn Martin, 21, sold 24.7 grams of crack to an undercover informant on the 2500 block of Fourth Street North, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Martin was indicted a few months later, and pleaded guilty in June 2012. He also admitted to conspiring with others to possess with intent to distribute at least 28 grams.

YNT is just one of many cliques in Minneapolis. Others include Taliban, DTs, SUB, One-Nine, Four Corner Hustlers, Scarface, DDs, and the Tre Tres. For more on youth violence in the city, read our August 2012 cover story, "The View From Down Here."

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