Alleged north Minneapolis clique leader gets seven years on drug charge

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YNT is just one of many North Side cliques.
The alleged former leader of a north Minneapolis criminal clique known as "YNT" (Young 'n Thuggin') was sentenced to more than seven years in federal prison Monday for aiding and abetting the distribution of crack cocaine.

Cover: The View From Down Here
Minneapolis guns incidents, violent crime crept up in 2012

In June 2011, Trayjohn Lashawn Martin, 21, sold 24.7 grams of crack to an undercover informant on the 2500 block of Fourth Street North, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Martin was indicted a few months later, and pleaded guilty in June 2012. He also admitted to conspiring with others to possess with intent to distribute at least 28 grams.

YNT is just one of many cliques in Minneapolis. Others include Taliban, DTs, SUB, One-Nine, Four Corner Hustlers, Scarface, DDs, and the Tre Tres. For more on youth violence in the city, read our August 2012 cover story, "The View From Down Here."

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"when axed" hahahahaha 1-800-axe-Gary? Uneducation is a b*tch!


Keny1 you are an idiot. As an unemployed white male, should I blame Obama for being out of work? That would seem to fit your criteria. And how pathetic, you mention how this kid "enriches the culture of Minneapolis in a way that cannot be defined." and then end that same paragraph with " he only had 4 felonies by the age of 18" if that's what you consider enriching the lives of your people, then it is no mystery why you struggle. Pull your head out of your a** before you speak. You just made a bunch of smart African Americans who work and do good for themselves, look like uneducated idiots. I went to a minneapolis public school, and know PLENTY of African Americans who didn't have much, but decided THEY were going to change it. Not blame bachmann and pawlenty.. It's called stay in school, that's free, and WORK when you graduate. Every 18 year old has a chance to make it. Don't sell your people short. This dude wanted quick money, at the price of killing your own people. How does that enrich ANYONES lives? Cmon man. ARE YOU REALLY BEING SERIOUS HERE????? Please stop. For African amercicans sake.


Diversity............EMBRACE IT!  

People like Trayjohn Lashawn Martin enriches the culture of Minneapolis in a way that cannot be defined. Oh, sure, he committed a few felonies here and there, but we need to understand that he is a victim of the white man. He was forced into gang activity because the white man brings him down and does not offer him a $75,000 a year job even though he has no marketable skills not to mention a high school diploma. He was forced into crime due to the evil white people like George Bush, Tim Pawlenty, and Michelle Bachmann. They are all to blame for his shortcomings. His mother and his unknown father both said that Trayjohn was a nice kid and never got into any trouble until Michelle Bachmann got into office. Trayjohn's mother, ShanQuita 'Nay 'Nay Johnston admitted that her son was a "fine and upstanding young man who only committed 4 felonies before he was 18. Then Michelle Bachmann came along............"

Mother Jones reported that black "youth" crime is a direct result of the GOP's "racist" undermining of the black people". Rev. Jesse Jackson and ACLU leader Al Sharpton reiterated Mother Jones report by saying that, "until we rid America of the white race, only then will black criminal "youths" be free."

When axed about the white woman whose baby was shot to death in the head (multiple times) by a black "youth" who demanded money from her that she did not have in Georgia last week, Al Sharpton replied, "White Bitch deserved what she got". 

The AP reported that when the White House was informed about this tragedy, President Barack Hussein Obama stated, "What the fuck do I care? All I am concerned about is how my two daughters are enjoying their Spring Break in the Bahamas.". When Michelle Obama was asked her opinion about this young baby's senseless death, she stated, "The baby wasn't black. I don't give a fuck.".

On Easter Sunday, Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama will host a $500,000 Easter brunch for their campaign donors at the White House. Before eating, they will say a prayer to Karl Marx. 

CinBlueland topcommenter

Just to ask, what is the difference between a clique and a gang?

Edward Bertsch
Edward Bertsch

"The YNT gang has been connected to a string of violence in North Minneapolis, which has included the trafficking of both narcotics and firearms" - The word "clique" sounds so much more gentle than talking about folks who deal in guns and do violent crime...

City Pages Minneapolis
City Pages Minneapolis

Edward -- Cliques are similar to gangs, but not quite the same thing. Generally younger, less formal, and follow a different set of rules. The cover story from last summer linked in the story has more information.


@strongarm612 Obviously, keny1 is a white man attempting to poke fun at cultural stereotypes as filtered through his stupid head.


@CinBlueland A clique is similar to a gang, but they are less formal, generally younger, and don't play by the same rules. They are also not affiliated nationally. The cover story linked above explains more. Thanks.

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